About Symmetrix

We are a leading IT services & solutions company. Our core competency is in providing customized IT business solutions specific to Client requirements. We are a team of well-experienced professionals who are equipped to address critical and complex customer needs. We have a diverse client base spread across business domains. We have been in this business since 1987.

We are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2011 certified organization and are registered as an MSME

Why Symmetrix?

  • 30+ years of industry knowledge and rich experience in understanding customers' needs
  • 80% of our client relationships are more than 20+ years old, retained due to our focus on providing the best service
  • Our extensive list of OEM partnerships help us provide a wide range of IT products and services
  • Strong relationships with India's major IT distributors for the fastest delivery of products

Symmetrix also has a group company - Exocore IT Solutions, which is a partner of Cisco. Visit Exocore’s website for more information.

Our Values

Our Mission

To be the most sought after organization by delivering extraordinary customer experience

Our Vision

To provide the best customer experience and be the first choice of our Clients with focus on Quality, Versatility and our mantra of 'Customer First'

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide Information Technology-related products and support services to customers meeting their quality standards and delivery deadlines, with emphasis on continual improvement by enforcing our quality management system while building long-term relationships and achieving total customer satisfaction

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork

Our Leadership Team

Dinesh Dhanapathi

Dinesh Dhanapathi

Chief Executive Officer

A business leader who brings in his extensive experience of over 30+ years in the IT Industry, Dinesh has spearheaded growth as Joint promoter of Hardsoft Solutions, Europrisma India, Symmetrix Computers, and Optimetrix Integration & Solutions. He has also held the position of Executive Committee Member and Office Bearer of the Association for Information Technology (AIT), Bengaluru and the President of AIT - FY-2017-18 and continues to be a pivotal member.

Vijayakumar V

Vijayakumar V

Chief Operating Officer

A dynamic business leader with over 27+ years of experience in building the organization. Vijaykumar is the crucial driving force of Symmetrix, running people management and P&L. Vijaykumar has carefully developed the well-knit, cross-functional teams that power Symmetrix' excellent customer service. He has also driven growth as the joint promoter of Optimetrix Integration & Solutions.


So, who is Dinesh Dhanapathi [outside of being the CEO of Symmetrix] ?

In search of a purpose

Though he started his career as a trainee programmer in 1982, he soon discovered that he wasn’t cut out for a programmer’s job. After changing careers a couple of times and moving from the Computer Age to the Stone Age, also working briefly as a supervisor with a granite exporter, he moved back to computers. He worked with companies such as Micro Advance and Computer Point where he learnt what it meant to provide sincere and committed after sales service to customers.

Dinesh Dhanapathi is a first generation entrepreneur, having been drawn into business way back in 1987 by three colleagues while working at India’s first computer retail chain, Computer Point India.

Humble beginnings of 33 years in IT services business

He and three of his colleagues from Computer Point started their first company, Hardsoft Solutions, in 1987. Early revenues also came from imparting training to customers on-site on the basics of Lotus 1-2-3, dBase III, Wordstar and DOS.

Hardsoft became one of the pioneers of third-party computer maintenance in Bangalore: they sold and serviced computers besides providing turnkey IT solutions. A lot of their customers relied on them for all their IT requirements including efficient after sales support. They did a lot of work for government departments, public sector and defence. In his 16-year stint at Hardsoft, he and Sathish Babu built up an organisation which grew to over 40 employees.

Overcoming troubled times with strong relationships

In the late 1990s, two different joint ventures with overseas companies did poorly due to timing and market conditions, and the time away from the main business took its toll, leading to a split from Hardsoft, but on amicable terms. The two former partners are still good friends and have supported each other in many ways.

Meet the team dedicated to providing you the best in IT products and services
Photo taken at the time of Ayudha pooja at Symmetrix Computer Systems

An 18-month stint as a co-promoter of an IT systems integrations company, Optimetrix, only added a little more experience and plenty of grey hair.

Dinesh has successfully co-founded 3 top ventures focused on customized IT solutions

On August 18th 2005, Dinesh revived Symmetrix Computer Systems (Incorporated in 1996 and a former group company of Hardsoft). Vijayakumar, who was a partner at Optimetrix, now heads Operations at Symmetrix. Sairam Shetty, who was co-promoter of Optimetrix continues to collaborate with Symmetrix on some fronts.

Shashikala Dinesh is his life and business partner. Shashikala was a practising Civil Lawyer before she joined as Partner at Symmetrix. Their daughter Disha has experience in Media and Digital Marketing and has recently completed a PGDM at the Indian School of Business. Their son Adith is a software developer for an eCommerce startup.

Symmetrix now has 40-plus employees, 500-plus customers and a turnover of over Rs. 25 crores through Symmetrix and its new group company, Exocore IT Solutions. The name Exocore came from Dinesh’s partnership with late Atul Chitnis, an open source evangelist.

Symmetrix - An enterprise built on relationships

Symmetrix has managed to achieve all this without an outbound sales team. Dinesh and his colleagues have built up this company mainly through word-of-mouth references based on their service. “Enterprise built on Relationships” is the company’s tag line. Most ex-colleagues are ambassadors of the company and have referred them for a lot of new business, including a Rolls Royce JV.

Our Culture

Dinesh’s learnings have been put to work. The company respects everybody, office assistants to engineers to accountants to sales persons. These team members are ‘internal customers’ on whom the company depends.They are as important as customers and vendors. The company does not believe in exploitative relationships.

Customers are valued. A customer is never called wrong even if wrong. A relationship once lost is next to impossible to revive. Colleagues are encouraged to take responsibility for mistakes and to move on: a financial loss might follow, but maintaining the relationship is paramount.

Photo taken at the company’s Annual Retreat at Tusk and Dawn
The Occasional Award

For example, a company engineer happened to break a small statuette while setting up a wireless connection at a customer’s office. The statuette had sentimental value which could just not be compensated. The customer eventually reconciled himself to the loss of the statuette when the company offered to write off a pending bill worth a few thousand rupees. This customer continued to be in touch with the company. They served him at all his ventures after that. He also introduced Dinesh to the Australian state of Victoria’s India office, whose Bangalore office’s IT infrastructure the company set up. A small accommodation goes a long way sometimes.

Another customer, who was being advised wrongly by an external source, once accused the company of using a sub-standard configuration of processor. The company did not argue with him, nor accept the accusation. They demonstrated to him that they were right, but also decided to make a graceful exit from that customer, with honour intact. The customer returned later and has been with the company now for over two decades. His company depends solely on Symmetrix for all IT requirements.

Credibility matters. Symmetrix also takes pride in being compliant always in matters of taxation and regulatory matters. The company is also very prompt with payments to vendors.

Extensive network in the Indian IT industry - Any IT related service you require can be sourced through Symmetrix

Maintaining relationships matters. Dinesh has been an active member of the Association for Information Technology (AIT), Bengaluru, for over a dozen years. He has served a few terms in the Executive Committee as Secretary, Vice President and is the immediate past President. He is also the father of the Association’s two Google Groups and continues to administer them. The Association has had a lot of eventful meets under his Presidentship, further improving bonding amongst members.

One such event was graced by Asia’s strongest man, Mr. Manoj Chopra.

Symmetrix ex-employees continue to be company ambassadors

Dinesh runs a WhatsApp group with over 150 ex-colleagues of Hardsoft and Symmetrix, and finds it good fun to be in touch with them. There’s a core team that has been together for 20+ years, which speaks of low attrition and high retention rates.

Felicitation of Mr. Manoj Chopra at KSCA during one of the AIT event

To conclude, Dinesh believes that in these days of coronavirus and lockdowns and a slowing economy, here are some basics that lead to better business:

"Humility enables you to learn from others, and from your mistakes.

Credibility brings trust.

Goodwill brings people back to you in hard times.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses keeps you focused on what you do well."

So, who but Shashi Warrier, author of The Hangman’s Journal, The Orphan Diaries and many more, could help Dinesh with this brief biography? Shashi and Dinesh were colleagues at Computer Point.